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The first Slovak evening-length comics about self-rediscovery and effort to survive the tragic past from director Matyas Brych.


One year presented by seven days, shabby apartment, daily routine and Parralel Mountain. Eric lives with his dog in a learned stereotype in a small flat. He divides his strict daily regime between rewriting sections from found books about knights and dragons and walking with a dog. Daily routine changes in the moment of sudden lost. The terrible ache stirs up Eric’s thoughts and his memory begins to wake up. Memories of the past begin to cradle out to the top. What is the reason why Eric desires to forget?

The film is connecting many parallels, repetitive incidents, eternity and everything that is related to principle of infinity. The story based on a true story is a probe into the life of a man who has lost everything. Everything except the free will to live and survive.

Premiere: 31th May 2018 in Slovakia
Original Name: PARRALEL
Production: Slovakia, Czech Republic
Format: Cinemascope 2,76:1, Dolby Digital, 2D
Lenght: 85 minutes
Language version: Slovak dubbing, Czech dubbing
Genre: Comics, Drama, Fantasy
Sound: 5.1 Dolby sorround
Accessibility: 12 Y
Directed by: Matyas Brych, Vladimír Kriško
Screen-writer: Matyas Brych, Viktor Flekáč
Animation: Matyas Brych – MEDUSA PICTURES
Chef editors: Vladimír Kriško – VISIONFILM
Editors: Andrej Verešvársky, Andrej Farba – VISIONFILM
Executive Producer: Patrizio Gente – VISIONFILM
Producers: Patrizio Gente, Vladimír Kriško, Jozef Šovčík, Ivan Uhliar
Production: Silvia Rákociová – VISIONFILM
Postproduction: VISIONFILM
Music sound: Peter Kučera, Juraj Baláž – OPONA Studio
Music: Stroon, Peter Bič Project
PR, Media: Nora Krchňáková
Online: Martin Krištof

Parralel Movie Makers

Matyas Brych


Patrizio Gente

executive producer/producer

Vladimír Kriško

director of postproduction